- Pittsburgh native.
- Recently relocated to Georgia.
- Married to a super handsome man.
- Mama to three awesome kitties.
- Half-marathoner.
- Attempting to get back to a healthy balance of life and fitness.

So proud of my numbers for today. These are the highest numbers I’ve ever had on my fitbit.

I want to do this every day. I feel so good after having a good day fitness and food wise. I need to have this. Maybe not daily, but very frequently.

I feel more determined now than I have lately. And that makes me happy

I didn’t end up having any clients scheduled for this afternoon, so we took a nice long hike at Kennesaw Mountain.

Now time for grocery shopping!

Hanging out, watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

Just putting stuff out there so maybe we can become friends and hold each other accountable….so you should add me onnnnn:


Feeling a little patriotic as I got dressed this morning. Headed to help my cousin and her husband move to their new house!

Breakfast was 2 dippy eggs and 2 slices of toast!

Ps. I hate full body shots of me right now…but I’m trying to force myself to begin taking more of them.

(via buzzfeed)

9 hours at work equaled almost all of my step goal today.

Got home around 7:45pm, Donald made me a quick dinner of shrimp quesadillas, and we snuggled in bed to watch Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone. Woooo quality time!

Except I’m falling asleep early. At least I made it through half the movie! Tomorrow is helping my cousin and her husband move to their new house, so I expect lots of steps!