- Pittsburgh native.
- Recently relocated to Georgia.
- Married to a super handsome man.
- Mama to three awesome kitties.
- Half-marathoner.
- Attempting to get back to a healthy balance of life and fitness.

Welp the Harry potter drinking game lasted like 20 minutes and we got so far behind we couldn’t keep up.



Playing the Harry potter drinking game with dicy132 because we are cool kids!

What’s the Harry Potter drinking game?!!

Take a drink every time they say someone’s name or a spell. It’ll happen very quickly!!

Playing the Harry potter drinking game with dicy132 because we are cool kids!

And then Athena got jealous because duh, SHE’S the one who should be in pictures, NOT Sparta! So she decided to jump up and join.

Snuggle time with Sparta. She knows she needs her nap time because AUNTI DICY IS COMING OVER AND SPENDING THE NIGHT and she’s gonna have loads of fun with Mercedes!



Meet the future Guide Dogs! Perdie, Poppy, Pippa, Phoebe, Lola, Percy, Pilot, Cooper, Pluto, and Polo with their proud mum Vicky.

(via thefrogman)

Weight August 1st: 249.5lbs.

Goal for September 1st: 244.5lbs.

Looking for 5 pounds this month. I can do it.

It’s things like this that I need to see.

This is from a 10 hour work day. I got up, went to the office, and then traveled about 100 miles over the course of the day seeing clients.

My mind tricks me a lot. It says “oh, you worked 10 hours, you definitely moved enough, let’s have that extra snack.” And in reality, I didn’t move nearly enough. I thought I had many more steps than I actually did.

These mind tricks are not helpful towards weight loss in any way, and it means I’m really going to have to push myself to hit the gym or go for a walk 5-6 nights a week. I can’t expect the number on the scale to change when I’m not getting enough movement in.

Thankfully, I have the majority of my sessions already scheduled for next week, and since schools are starting, the majority of my sessions will be afternoon/evening sessions…meaning I have no excuse not to get to the gym in the mornings!

For now, I’m going to snuggle Donald and celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday by watching HP5. :)