- Pittsburgh native.
- Recently relocated to Georgia.
- Married to a super handsome man.
- Mama to three awesome kitties.
- Half-marathoner.
- Attempting to get back to a healthy balance of life and fitness.

Two pictures from the half for me.

First one was one of my actual running intervals.

Second was crossing the finish line. This picture honestly says it all. Amy and I crossed that finish line together. She stuck with me through it all, and I honestly wouldn’t have finished it without her. She’s such a good friend! Love that girl. :-)

It wasn’t pretty, but I did it.

And I expect my pictures next year to look better ;-)

  1. dicy132 said: Congrats! Was that your first half? Such a great experience!
  2. quixoticandabsurd said: Way to go!!! Winning! Also, good job with the image capturing. I can’t believe I justified the amount of money I spent on mine. :-/
  3. fromlazytolively said: congrats!! so awesome!! you’re a beast!!
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